Why artificial sweeteners may be sabotaging your wellness goals

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Are your supplements using artificial sweeteners?  If so, do you know if this is a good thing or a bad thing in your overall nutrition picture?


For many of us, our palates have become accustomed to sweet flavours growing up on soft drinks, candy, pastries, donuts.  And if you haven’t touched social media in the last few years, you’ll know anything with sugar is the enemy of your waistline.  How are we supposed to cope with what feels like alternate universe’s?


Easy - a chemical called artificial sweetener!  All the sweetness and more with significantly less calories.  We hear from many of our customers that buy Legion Whey+ and Legion Pulse who were looking supplements that contained no artificial sweeteners.  Most of their desire to find a naturally sweetened supplement comes after trying a new supplement or having a recipe change by a supplement company to artificial sweeteners.  Often when you look at ‘main stream’ supplement brands, they will be sweetened artificially to both save on cost and provide the sweetness they believe their customers are looking for.  

How do I know if my supplement has artificial sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are often associated with brands you may have heard of like Equal or Nutrasweet, but when you’re looking on a nutritional label to find out if your supplement is artificially sweetened or contains processed sugar, you’ll need to use this list of chemicals:

How are Legion supplements naturally sweetened?

Of course, non of the above chemicals are included in any of Legion’s supplements.  Stevia which is derived from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana is used to naturally sweeten Legion’s supplements 

Why do our customer's steer clear of artificial sweeteners?

How sweet is sweet enough

Using Equal to sweeten your coffee has become a part of coffee culture in some parts of the world.  This is a good thing as you can control the dosage by using as little or as much as required to suit your taste buds.  The problem with pre-artificially sweetened supplements is the dosage has already been determined for you.  The problem with this is if you were measuring sweetness, you would find Sucralose is almost 600 times sweeter than table sugar.  

Migraine’s and headaches

Like with other food intolerances, some of us have negative reactions to certain foods.  If you are considering moving to a supplement with an artificial sweetener, just be mindful your body’s reaction to it particularly if you haven’t experienced migraine’s or headaches prior to starting that product.  

Chemical flavour

If your diet consists of natural whole food, you’ll find anything that is artificially flavoured or sweetened will play havoc on your taste buds.  Often you’ll notice either a chemical taste to your supplement or a strong after taste.  

Upset stomach

For the benefit of everyone, we’ll not get too descriptive here! If that clean lifestyle of your’s is being compromised by an artificial sweetener, some of our customer shave noticed their bowels were never the same until they swapped to a supplement that was naturally sweetened.  

Our 2 cents

The main reason we don’t support supplements with artificial sweeteners is the sweetness levels.  In our experience, eating sweeter foods no matter how they’re sweetened reminds your brain there is any energy source out there called sugar which can help it survive in energy deficient states.  Ever had a bad night’s sleep and felt like you needed something sweet to keep you going the next day.  Every stayed up late watching TV and felt like ice cream or chocolate?  


In our busy lifestyle’s that energy deficiency has unfortunately become too commonplace for many of us.  We are strong believers in being attuned to what your body is telling you.  Using energy jumpers like coffee and sugar just to survive not having enough sleep puts you in a dangerous place where you can start eating the wrong foods after a sugar crash and not eating enough of the foods that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  


As with all things nutrition, find what works best for you and if you’re unsure, seek the professional support to achieve your health and fitness goals.   


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