Overwhelmed? Gain Some Perspective

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We've all been there.  You have your productivity system, you're organised, you're always ahead.  But all of a sudden, you've found yourself lost, without purpose and starting to have your world turn on you.
It's never a nice place to be and even in those less heavy times, we can still feel off track and scratching our head to find a way forward.  In this post, our team share their #1 tip to remain focused and always keep growing.


There is no doubt your ability to focus has become ever more important. In an always-on world and overload of access to information, we can become a passenger in life and never achieve what we set out to do, not only for today but over a year and sometimes a decade.


So how does our team stay on top of it all? We have a guiding principle, a mantra we live by every day. It's our way of checking in on ourselves. Whenever we approach a difficult problem, had a difficult experience or are feeling overwhelmed we ask ourselves this simple question “How am I going, out of 10?" What, this is the magical solution?  If you're feeling lost without direction, keep following along, the beauty in this solution is its simplicity.  


Thanks to one of our team for sharing his personal experience.  Tim (name changed) was studying, working full time and trying to keep everyone happy around them. A feeling of overwhelming set in and ultimately, he just didn’t feel happy about himself. A simple check-in was all that he needed to refocus. How do I rate myself out of 10 to where I want to go? The score was a 5 - not bad, not good, but ultimately led him to realise he wanted that score to be higher and provided a moment of clarity in what to change now to get on of things.


The simplicity in the out of 10 exercise is it allows you to get some perspective when you’re emotionally charged. Sometimes those emotions can make us do things we don’t want to do or put us in situations we don’t want to be in. Having to rate yourself out of 10 forces you to be true to yourself and how your ‘gut’ feels about your own self - ultimately your intuition. If you rate yourself highly, it’s likely you might not need to make any changes. We find medium ratings tend to indicate something probably needs to change to get to a higher rating. A low rating, a self-assessment of where you are wanting to go is something you should consider undertaking.


Finally, we believe in everyone’s right to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. If you’ve tried this simple exercise and still feel overwhelmed, don’t be scared to reach out to the professional support networks out there like BeyondBlue. They’re there to help, so don’t be afraid to use their expertise.


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