Need a fresh start . . . . the secret is to start some where


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If there is one constant in life it's change and sometimes, it just catches up with us.  Once you've come to grips it's time to do something, the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Our best advice, don't focus on where to start, just start some where.  There are plenty of days and years left for you to achieve what you want.  And that's the key, it's what you want and not what others think you need or want you to have.  When it comes to creating a healthy body, mind and spirit here's some of our favourite starting points to get you going.  The key - small wins lead to long-term gains.


1. Be Active
No one can run a marathon without practice.  Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had to find his form and that couldn't be done with the heaviest weight in the gym.  Committed to being active might be parking further away in the car park or taking a 5 minute walk at lunch time.  


2. Learn something new
The key to happiness is feeling a sense of progress.  In the world of Google, YouTube and podcasts, we have the opportunity to learn something new everyday - and it's free!  Learning about stories outside your own world help you build context towards your life and open your thoughts to new possibilities


3. Make good food choices
The words 'fad diet' have become words because many of them were about eliminating certain foods.  Yet this negative denial doesn't provide you with much except a longing for some positivity in your life to offset the negativity and eventually, the diet dies along with your commitment.  Committing to making good food choices means before you plan your meals, before you put something in your mouth, you're considering the benefits or opportunity cost towards your health and fitness goals.  


4. Have a financial plan
We could all use more money yet many of us live pay check to pay check and never feel like we're moving forwards.  Remember that happiness fact that it's all about progress?  The path to financial freedom starts with a plan.  That plan will change over time, but committing something to paper helps map out your ideas.  That plan might be as simple as selling things you don't use or need anymore?  It's amazing how much money you have lying around the house in the form of unsold 'things'. 

5. Manage your stress
When you rewind the clock back 50 years, we're working longer hours and have more complexity in our lives through the connected world than our grand parents did.  Yet, what's the worst that would happen if we were to do nothing for 30 minutes.  Self awareness of your stress triggers is the most important part here.  If you feel you can't manage these triggers, you need to be able to train yourself to overcome these stressors.  If you feel you can't, it's time for professional help and a great starting place is on 1300 22 4636

6. Find a role model
When you want to make a fresh start, why try and invent things for yourself.  To shortcut the momentum you want, find a role model in the change you're seeking.  Everyone that has achieved some level of success leaves clues about how they went about it.  Whether it's Steve Jobs obsession for detail and design, to Elon Musk's visionary compartmentalisation to Jeff Bezos' willingness to keep doing something new.  Your role model doesn't need to be a superstar, look around you, there's bound to be someone close to you that you can engage with and have some great conversations about how they achieved what they have.

We wish you every success as you become the vision of yourself you wish to be.  Join our community at to engage and hear from other likeminded members of the Muscle Foundation community.




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